A traditional method

At Casa Riera Ordeix, we follow a meticulous preparation method that culminates in a unique product. Our Salchichón is the result of a process based on tradition and a selection of the best ingredients. Dry curing gives Vic Salchichón and Truffled Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix a unique and inimitable aroma.

The dry curing process can last up to six months depending on the product's diameter and the weather.

The process, step by step


Selecting and preparing
the best meat.

Casa Riera Ordeix has been making homemade Salchichón in the same way since 1852.

We take our time and use the knowledge passed down from generation to generation. We select the very best sow meat for our Vic Salchichón and Truffled Salchichón, and the best pig meat for our Rustic Salchichón and Vic Fuet. The meat is produced on our own farms.


The spices, a key part of the process.

Mixing the meat with the right amount of spices is essential for preserving the Salchichón.

When the meat has been selected, chosen and ground, it's time to mix it with the spices. Following the traditional method, we mix the meat with just the right amount of sea salt, peppercorns and ground black pepper. We then let the meat stand for some time before stuffing it into the natural casings we have prepared beforehand. In Casa Riera Ordeix we do all this with the diligence and dedication necessary to ensure the quality of our products. The last step is to tie up the natural casings with cotton twine.


Cotton twine to identify the products

In Casa Riera Ordeix everything has a meaning.

The cotton twine with which we tie the natural casings is then used to hang the meat in the curing chambers and also to identify the different products.

One product, one colour

  • Vic
  • Truffled
  • Rustic
  • Fuet
Min. days
Max. days

Dry curing, the hallmark
of Casa Riera Ordeix

The dry curing process is one of the most characteristic traits of our company.

Our dry curing process, carried out in curing chambers in Vic (Plaça dels Màrtirs 14), is one of our most prominent features. The wooden beams from which we hang our Salchichón have become a key trait of the process. The temperature and humidity are controlled manually by opening and closing windows.

The packaging,
a sign of quality.

Our Salchichón's paper wrapping certifies that it is a product by Casa Riera Ordeix.

The paper in which we wrap out Salchichón doesn't only certify it was produced by our company, it also protects and preserves the product.

This step, the culmination of the production process, is done by hand, the traditional way.