Legitimate Vic Salchichón

The Legitimate Vic Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix is unique. Stands out for its colour, its texture and flavour. Its aroma is able to transport us across time and geography. It is a genuine product, with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) since 2002, that concentrates the knowledge of more than 160 years of history.

The natural drying process gives to Vic Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix an inimitable bouquet.


A fully traditional

The elaboration of the Vic Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix follows the same method since 1852.

It takes place in the historic building in Plaça dels Màrtirs in Vic and begins on the ground floor where the raw material is selected. We choose the noble parts of meat from female pig from our own farms. The selected meat is choosen, crushed, kneaded together with dices of bacon and seasoned with sea salt and black pepper.

When the meat is seasoned, is let to rest at least 48 hours, it is stuffed into natural casings and tied. And so it gives way to drying, one of the most distinctive processes of the firm.

The drying process of the Vic Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix takes place naturally in the dryers of the uppder floors, where the temperature and humidity are controlled manually by opening and closing windows.

Throughout the process, which can range from three to six months, the Salchichón hang down, brush and go to hang up two to three times.

Plana de vic has climatic properties that make it special and unique to make Salchichóns.

The Vic Salchichón has a fragance and owns unique refinements (1). Hence, from december 2001, The Salchichón from Plana de Vic is recognized with the distinctive Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) thoughout Europe.

Distinctive that Vic Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix has since 2002.

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The Vic Salchichón
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The Vic Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix, a natural product. It is made with the noble parts - hams, bacon and lean - female pork, diced bacon, sea salt, black pepper (2) and natural casings. The drying process is done naturally and can last from three to six months depending on the size and climate.

average nutritional composition per 100g of product.

  • 47,5% Proteins
  • 38,5% Fat
  • 2,1% Carbohydrates



~ 1,2kg


~ 300g


~ 80g

Large wood

~ 1,2kg

Mini wood

~ 300g

That certifies that the Vic Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix is a product with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

The PGI seal recognizes the Vic Salchichón in the whole area of the European union and identifies this product as belonging to the Plana de Vic. (region)

Vic Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix is a product suitable for celiac people (gluten-free).

It is also a product suitable for people allergic to dairy products (lactose-free).