Vic salchichón and senses

In the heart of Vic city, in Martirs square, number 14, there are the century dryers of Casa Riera Ordeix. Come into and discover a sensory centre that offers you enjoy the Vic Salchichón with the smell, sight, touch, taste and hearing. The visit to Casa Riera Ordeix is an authentic sensory experience.

Casa Riera Ordeix offers guided visits, for about one hour, in its facilities of over 166 years of history.

The smell

Vic Salchichón’s welcomes us. Just opening Casa Riera Ordeix’s door invades us an intense and an extraordinary aroma that invite us to discover Vic Salchichón through all senses.

The Vic Salchichón stimulates the smell.

The sight

Colours, movements, shapes, and depths, they propose a real challenge. The sensory centre Casa Riera Ordeix gives the possibility to see the elaboration method of the brand.

Every corner offers visual information to retain and remember

The touch

The natural drying process is one of the distinctive features of Casa Riera Ordeix. Visiting the dryers, it is to go backwards in time and feeling attracted by the irresistible desire to touch everything.

Wood beams, which hold the salchichones, have become an accomplice of the drying process.

The hearing

The force of the sounds which take part in the elaboration method of Casa Riera Ordeix, as the selection and preparation of the best meats and the dressing, give way to silence.

The taste

And, it cannot be in another way, a tasting of the traditional Vic Salchichón puts the end at the guided visits through the facilities of Casa Riera Ordeix. The past of Vic Salchichón reencounters with the present to wake up our senses.

The guided visits of the sensory centre Casa Riera Ordeix last about one hour. Tripadvisor tripadvisor
9 to 12h — 15h to 17h
Monday — Friday work days
8h to 14h in August
Reservation needed
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
minimum groups of 8 people
6€ per person
5€ Retirees
Children under 6 years free
Visit + tasting
Approximate duration of 1h
Limited places

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