Rustic Style Salchichón

The Rustic Style Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix is a natural product with a unique taste and different cuisine blending tradition and innovation. Born in 1995 will bring the traditional Salchichón to all guests. It stands out for its flavour, its thickness and colour. And now can also be found in the Peppered variety.

The Casa Riera Ordeix Rustic Style Salchichón is a traditional product with a controlled drying process which has a unique and different taste.


A process that combines
tradition and innovation

Casa riera ordeix unites tradition and innovation to create this product of great personality.

Rustic Style Salchichón is part of the family of products by Casa Riera Ordeix since 1995. Its development is conducted in the facilities that the firm has in Sant Feliu Sasserra, in the region of Bages. There, the Rustic Style Salchichón also is elaborated step by step.

First we choose the best meat quality pork. After it is selected, chosen and crushed it is kneaded and is seasoned with sea salt and black pepper. Then the meat is seasoned, it is at least 48h let to rest, stuffed into natural casings and tied.

It is time to start the drying process that takes place in a controlled way and can last up to two months.

The most spicy variety of Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix is the Peppered Rustic Style Salchichón.

Casa Riera Ordeix Peppered Salchichón stands out because it is coated with a thin layer of natural pepper which gives you a very unique spicy taste. It is a unique product, the result of the requirement by Casa Riera Ordeix.

Min. days
Max. days

Rustic Style Salchichón
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Ingredients for the elaboration

Rustic Style Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix, a unique product. It is made with the shoulder and belly of pork, sea salt, black pepper and natural casings. It may also contain sugars and natural preservatives. The drying process of the Rustic Style Salchichón is controlled and can last between a month and a half and two months.

Nutritional composition average per 100g product.

  • 51,5% Proteins
  • 39,9% Fat
  • 3% Carbohydrate



500 - 600g


~ 300g


~ 300g

Rustic Style Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix is a product suitable for people with celiac disease (gluten-free).

It is also a product suitable for people allergic to dairy products (lactose-free).