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The 165 years of Casa Riera Ordeix are the main characters of Gourmet La Vanguardia

Last weekend Gourmet La Vanguardia, the monograph that selects products, echoed about the “Experience Casa Riera Ordeix”. This 2017, the firm celebrates 165 years of tradition and history. And as it explains the publication Casa Riera Ordeix will publish a book of recipes and pairings of its Vic Salchichón.

The tradition of the Vic Salchichón and the Màgic Món del Tren of Santa Eugènia de Berga, a double tour for all the family

Because of the 165th anniversary of Casa Riera Ordeix, the centenary firm proposes a double proposal full of history: a day for all the family that combines the tradition of Vic Salchichón and the Magic Món del Tren of Santa Eugènia de Berga.

Casa Riera Ordeix combines tradition and innovation in the 31th Salón de Gourmets Madrid

This 2017, the centenary firm celebrates 165 years of history, tradition and Vic Salchichón. And, this April the firm wants to start different commemorative events, and the first one starts in the 65th Conde Godó Championship, which will have placed in Barcelona from 22th to 30th of April. And it will continue in the 31th Salón Gourmet of Madrid that goes from 24th to 27th of April.

The 165 years of Vic Salchichón Casa Riera Ordeix, the Conde Godó Championship of Barcelona

The 165 years of history, tradition of Vic Salchichón Casa Riera Ordeix will be in the Conde Godó Championship for third year in a row; Casa Riera Ordeix will take part in the recognized Trophy of Barcelona.

“Mercat del Ram” with Vic Salchichón Casa Riera Ordeix

Along with the commemoration of 165 years of Casa Riera Ordeix and the traditional “Mercat del Ram”, that Vic hosts during this weekend – from 7th to 9th of April - , the centenary firm offers a new way to visit and taste the city with a special taste “Mercat del Ram”.

Restaurants of Vic with a Touch of Vic Salchichón Casa Riera Ordeix

Vic offers a lot of proposals to disconnect. The possibility to visit the “Plaça Major”, the “Cathedral of Vic”, the “Museu Episcopal of Vic”, the “Temple Romà”, the “Plaça de l’Estudiant” or the “Plaça dels Màrtirs” – where it is hidden the unique Enterprise of Salchihcón of Vic city. These are some of the proposals which the centre of Vic offers, and now we can enjoy them with the Vic Salchichón Casa Riera Ordeix.

The pupils of 3rd and 4rd of primary School “L’Escorial” in Vic visit Casa Riera Ordeix in the frame of “Dijous Llarder”

During this week, more than 150 pupils have visited the facilities of Casa Riera Ordeix, in the traditional frame of “Dijous Llarder”. The Vic Salchichón is part of the history and gastronomy of the city and the region.

The Vic Salchichón Casa Riera Ordeix attends to the 1st Edition of Barcelona’s Born Gourmet Market

The Vic Salchichón Casa Riera Ordeix, which celebrates 165 years of history on this 2017, attends to the first Edition of Born Gourmet Market.